Naturally there will be a requirement to replace and repair damaged areas of roof covering over time. Whether slate or clay tile, Keystone are fully insured to operate in this field ensuring safe practice when working at height. We can effectively replace damaged tile or slate with the use of fall arrest harnesses at all times. Employing the use of our own design of specifically modified load spreading roofing bars, we avoid the commonly seen aftermath of standard roof ladder damage especially to delicate, double camber clay tiles.

Pegged, nailed or nibbed, we can replace individual tiles without the requirement to strip large areas. It is a myth that nailed tiles cannot be replaced individually, we do it on a weekly basis, it simply requires a certain knowledge of products, some modified tooling and an experienced installer.

If your roof is slate, again we can replace damaged areas without the need for unsightly lead tingles so commonly seen supporting slates on repaired sections of roof. Over time these generally tend to unfold and slippage starts to occur. We have our own superior methods to ensure replacement slates are permanently fixed in place.

Rotten roofing battens can lead to sections of roof visibly slumping. Most commonly seen on the more exposed areas of leading edge batten where tiles tend to slip down into or over the guttering, it generally leads to blockages and overspill, compounding the issue and allowing rainwater to damage the fascia, soffit or exposed rafter feet. We can easily resolve this, replacing damaged sections where required.

Ridge tiles are of key importance to the integrity of the roof; where visibly slipped, broken or in need of re-bedding or pointing Keystone can safely and effectively resolve these issues.