Essentially a pre-emptive service to highlight and address areas requiring attention long before they become a costly and problematic issue.

Utilising Keystone’s free in-house survey service in conjunction with client consultation has become a very popular method of essential scheduled maintenance.

To the client this makes sense and not only means reducing, but also spreading the costs of upkeep – why wait until extensive restorative work is required?

Commonly encountered examples include

- Free flowing rainwater goods and drainage can save a considerable amount of money.
- Missing tiles, loose lead flashing, minor leaks. Avoid costly damp, staining and plaster failure.
- Flaking paintwork and wood protection, again, addressed can save a small fortune against the costs of replacement or serious restoration.
- Woodworm, deathwatch beetle, rodent / bird entry and damage… all easily preventable.
- Re-pointing. Addressed early on, substantial savings can be made, disruption avoided and damage minimised. You may find that a timely repair costs less that the scaffold hire alone should the problem be left to develop.
- High level cleaning and bulb replacements.

All of the above services and more are available out of hours and on an emergency basis for immediate call-outs.

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- 07811 114457