We are an independent, family owned and run firm of specialist restorative contractors, committed to preserving the fabric of historical buildings in the traditional time-honoured manner.

Our ethos is to restore rather than replace whenever possible; years of experience spent working in the ecclesiastical, historical and vernacular sectors ensures a knowledge of correct products and skills, sympathetic to the requirements of each individual building.

From running maintenance and remedial works, to post quinquennial and project work, we offer a host of artisan trade skills specific to the field of ecclesiastic and listed building restoration.

The services we offer are most importantly backed by client satisfaction; testimonials having been earned and experience gained over many years working on a wide range of projects. From the heights of the tower roof to the subterranean drainage, there is very little we cannot offer you in terms of expertise particular to places of worship and historic buildings.

Consulting with churchwardens, independent historic property owners and specialist architects on a regular basis, we provide detailed specifications of work backed up with thorough independent surveys for approval by client, architect, archdeacon, diocese and parochial church council members as required.

We continually strive to offer our loyal clients outstanding quality, efficient service and attention to detail. Pioneering techniques and tooling unique to ourselves, we set the standard in modern day restorative services. We are fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people, work on the most phenomenal historic buildings and thoroughly enjoy doing so. Nothing is too much trouble and our help and advice is always available to our clients.

We hope this will be of importance to you when giving consideration to the performance and ability sought when sourcing a trustworthy, competent expert contractor.