We offer drainage surveys using the latest radio locating equipment to precisely trace pipe runs through Churchyards and mapping the position / depth of old soakaways or connections to authority drains. Blockages and breaks can be traced far more accurately and once these services have been located and logged, they are of great value if considering future alterations or development works.

Repairs and New Installations

Over time, problems associated with ground movement, root ingress, blockages and full capacity soakaways can require the need for servicing and updating. Retro fitting of roddable gully traps at each downpipe position allows for the capture of large amounts of organic matter and mortar / tile fragments before it discharges into the drainage system. Modern high capacity crate soakaway systems are a good investment, however we feel any storage system has a finite lifespan. We have therefore developed our own unique adapted integral inspection chambers to allow for future servicing rather than the requirement to excavate. Taking this long term precaution negates the need for high future costs, allowing the option to directly access the soakaway system and pump out organic matter in years to come. For any of your retro-fitting requirements or ongoing drainage issues, we are on hand to advise and install.