Having carried out the restoration of many timber floors, we can advise on the most suitable course of action. We can restore them to their former glory, making repairs where necessary, removing and re-fitting exactly as before in the case of loose bitumen backed timber. Keystone invested in the machinery necessary to completely remove the old bitumen from wood blocks and correctly prepare the sub-base for relaying. Once relaid, our floor sanding specialist has 30 years of experience in restoring tired and damaged wood surfaces back to an as new finish.

Parquet Floor Repair
Parquet Restoration

Detached and heavily worn/damaged parquet floors can be completely restored to a better than original state and they often represent one of the most remarkable transformations we encounter.

Finished with an easy to maintain tintable hard wax to match existing areas where required. Durable, breathable and without the issues of future de-lamination, flaking and cracking associated with the impermeable varnish found on many old floors.

Whether it is expert cleaning of old tiles, lifting/moving/relaying historic ledgers or replacing broken pamments and stones we have the skills necessary to conduct sensitive restoration of Church flooring.

In the case of breakages, we are able to source and match almost any tile, stone or pamment. Exact like-for-like replacements are often unavailable but using a range of skills built up over many years we are proud to offer our colouring/weathering/replication services.

pamment Church floor restoration
Single rows of handmade clay pamments to the front and rear of this Church's aisles required replacement after being badly damaged when free standing radiators and pipework had been removed some years ago. The yellow hued clay used to make the original pamments in the 1950s is no longer available, so Keystone undertook the repairs with the confidence that we could colour and 'patina' new items sufficiently as to be indistinguishable from the surrounding floor. Works to fully restore the oak parquet and cork edging afterwards completed the restoration.

Removing broken items without damaging the surrounding flooring often requires great care. In the case of very large ledgers/stones bespoke tooling and very specific methods of works are employed to avoid the commonly seen crowbar damage and cracked flooring.