Traditionally, limewash has been used along with distemper on the majority of church walls and ceilings internally. The beauty of these products is their breathability. We witness many internal damp issues exacerbated by the use of modern paint products applied over traditional products with the best intentions, however the use of non breathable products over lime is ill advised. Firstly limewash and distemper are entirely incompatible with paint of any kind. In fact distemper (unless oil bound) requires total removal before even re-application with its own kind.

Keystone are able to apply limewash and distemper without the commonly seen patchwork quilt effect by way of a permanent wet-edge process. Again, knowing the products is paramount to achieving any sort of finish. Many times we have been asked to look at a potential limewashing project and done our own testing to discover it is actually distemper on a ceiling, saving time, money and a potential disastrous effect at the end had someone without the knowledge gone ahead and applied limewash. If in any doubt, we will carry out our own chemical testing to determine what the current wall coating is and offer advice on a suitable and compatible product.