From the heights of the tower roof to subterranean drainage systems and soakaways, we cover virtually every element of restorative skill required to preserve these historic treasures. Expert in use of traditional lime based products including mortar, plaster, render and lime wash, pioneering use of cast iron welding techniques, restoration and replacement, stone conservation and restoration, slate and clay tile roofing repair, flint walling, jetting, drainage and soakaway systems including our own tailored inspection and clearance designs. Our knowledge and experience particular to places of worship offers our client an unrivalled level of care and the highest standard of finish time after time. Please see all services links


We offer clients a complete range of restoration services to maintain period buildings including cast iron, roofing and render repair, traditional period and regional finishes, to more modern heritage based paint systems and wall coverings. We encompass all the elements of restorative/renovative roofing, plaster, timber and decorative work ensuring a first class, historically sympathetic, durable finish both internally and externally. Please see all services links