At Keystone we have many years of experience producing highly detailed survey reports and specifications for listed properties and Churches. Our electronic reports include numerous photographs/videos to support our findings and inform our clients.

This work often involves scaling high level areas and other parts of buildings where access is compromised.

It is of the utmost importance that investigations into dilapidations/problems are accurately recorded and the causes of any premature failures identified.

Over the years we have seen innumerable cases where valuable funds have been spent on works which did not adequately address the root cause/s behind early failures, and even more money paid out to repair the consequential damages later on.

An all access survey of a building conducted without reliance upon non-committal spiel is our benchmark.

You can be confidently assured that Keystone WILL find any issues subject to investigation and produce reports and detailed specifications for remedial works that do not sidestep the identification of the critical elements behind a failure.