The ability of lead to create a watertight covering on parapet roofs and gutters is unsurpassed. Over time however damage from falling roofing materials and thermal expansion can lead to cracks and pinholes to appear sporadically. Keystone can remedy any of these issues.

The installation of T-Pren expansion joints staggered along lengthy runs of leadwork allow for the naturally occurring expansion and contraction that leads to cracking over time. These are a retro-fit item designed specifically for this purpose with minimal disturbance to the surrounding roof covering.

Individual patch repairs to solve pinholes and minor damage will also ensure your lead roof remains watertight for years to come.

This Church had been suffering from numerous leaks through cracked lead welds for many years. The addition of T-Pren expansion joints stopped the leaking and allow for thermal expansion of the lead parapet gutters without cracking