Keystone is proud to be a Diocese GutterClear accredited contractor and we take great pride in offering a comprehensive service specifically tailored to Churches in order to drastically reduce the occurrence of costly rainwater related dilapidations and subsequent repairs.


All works in accordance with Diocese GutterClear Scheme:

  • All cast iron, plastic and lead parapet gutters cleared of debris and flow tested / inspected for leaks, breakages or missing components
  • Downpipes rodded / jetted and checked for cracks / leaks
  • A visual inspection made to roof tiles, leadwork, valleys etc. and any apparent dilapidations to the fabric of the Church accurately recorded
  • Drainage grates and gully traps cleared of collected silt and debris
  • Flat / low pitch roofing cleared and inspected. This includes the often overlooked tower roof
  • A folder containing our Health and Safety documentation, copies of our insurances and details of how to claim your £50 contribution courtesy of Friends of Essex Churches Trust (whilst funds are available)
  • A USB memory stick containing high resolution images of the rainwater goods and a written report identifying any obvious issues will be produced for Church records / supporting quinquennial inspection (see below)

Keystone proudly works in association with the Diocese of Chelmsford GutterClear scheme, accredited by Maintain our Heritage and very kindly sponsored by Friends of Essex Churches Trust.

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