cast iron gutters and downpipes being repaired
Having been fully dismantled and prepared, the cast iron rainwater goods are primed and top coated before refitting

Keystone has a specialist in-house team who are highly experienced in the restoration, repair and maintenance of cast iron rainwater systems. The techniques, products, tools and equipment used in the restoration of cast iron gutters, downpipes and hopper heads are specific to us.

They have been developed and tested over many years along with a tailored finish, perfected to optimise extensive longevity following close consultation with suppliers and specialist coatings technical departments.

The ability to carry out on-site welded repairs to unique items of architectural significance, high level dismantling, coating and rust removal, installations and application of our specialist paint systems really does set us apart from the competition.

There is simply no reason to see the common sight of dull, flaking, rusting cast iron rainwater goods if work is carried out competently using the correct products.

Our comprehensive system of restoration can be considered a very cost effective investment with a lifespan running to decades.

Please contact us for a detailed survey and a full specification / quotation.

An example of cast iron welding and thorough preparation ahead of coatings application