Prior to commencement of works, we offer our own in house survey to assess the condition and requirements of each project. This will look at the level of required access, the extent of necessary repairs and the testing of the existing substrate to assess condition and proposed product compatibility.


We offer our clients a one-stop solution to cover all preparatory requirements, from cleaning and protection, to plaster and render repair, timber stripping and repair, glazing and window servicing. We view this work as probably the most essential part of any job to ensure the most durable, high quality finish possible.


From the application of traditional lime based products including plaster, render and lime wash, through to distempers, waxes and other timber finishes, our knowledge and experience offers both client and architect an unrivalled level of care and the highest standard of finish time after time.


We offer clients a complete range of traditional period and regional finishes, to more modern heritage based paint systems and wall coverings. We encompass all the elements of restorative/ renovative plaster, timber and decorative work ensuring a first class, historically sympathetic, durable finish both internally and externally


Keystone works hard to ensure that projects are delivered in a coordinated and efficient manner. Rather than ‘estimate’, our clients benefit from assessments and methodology from the outset through avoiding runaway costs and extra works not identified in the preliminary specifications.
We focus on helping each client balance program budget and schedule in a manner that sets each project up for success.

Restoration and Renovation Services

Keystone Group’s expertise in traditional crafts combines sound management and experience.
We place well educated, trained and skilled specialist tradesmen on our projects who understand construction means and methods. We closely manage projects with our dedicated team to provide the following core services.

- Trades Training
- Safety Training
- Cost Management
- Schedule Management
- Quality Control
- Project Coordination
- Post Project Support
- Re-commissioning


Keystone’s expertise in the application of Limewash is unparalleled. Often seen as a messy and patchy finish of poor coverage our years of experience sees us employ strict quality control from supply chain through to preparation and application.
We use only the finest proven products from trusted suppliers to deliver the best finish. Even with the best products available, without employing the correct preparatory techniques the finish will never live up to expectations. For this reason, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive combination of methods from initial cleaning and accurate, well blended repairs to strict curing times and a permanent wet-edge application to completely avoid the commonly observed patchwork effect.


Time and again we see the problems associated with the application of non compatible products over traditional distemper finishes. Often this is the result of the misidentification of the surface finish prior to work commencing (Please see survey section). Unfortunately, unless oil-bound this product does not lend itself to simple over-coating. Correct and thorough preparation is vital to achieve a distinctive, long-lasting and traditional finish.

Lime Plaster / Render

Unfortunately, in recent times we have seen numerous failures associated with the application of impermeable modern products over this substrate. The installation of new heating systems in historic buildings has only exasperated the problems of bad workmanship. We are therefore well experienced to carry out sympathetic, blended repairs employing these traditional plaster products. As with all of our work, superior products and correct preparation / application achieves the enduring finish required prior to redecoration, once again allowing the fabric of the building to breathe.


Able to carry out comprehensive repairs, new installations and refinishing, we use the full complement of traditional products and techniques to rejuvenate the old and sympathetically incorporate the new.


From traditional right through to the latest synthetics, we always deliver the finest finish when it comes to paintwork. Able to advise and offer a tailored specification to suit every project, we are class leaders in our field.
Whilst the old “two undercoats and a gloss” system may satisfy the most basic specification, times and products have moved on. We now have a host of dedicated, job-specific products at our disposal, most of which are available at no additional expense. Our experience is in selecting proven products with which we have a sound working knowledge. This can only be of benefit to the client when selecting the best contractor for the job.

Waxes, Oils and Stains

From full-on restoration to periodic refinishing we offer a tailored service covering all aspects from flooring through to ornate woodwork. As always we advise on products and methods to achieve a first class finish.


From full restoration and servicing of rainwater goods through to the replacement of ferramenta we offer a comprehensive service to prevent the escalating costs associated with corroded metalwork and water damage. We believe our preferred specification of preparation and coatings to be the very best in the industry.

- Cast Iron Gutters
- Cast Iron Downpipes
- Cast Iron Hoppers
- Gates
- Hinges
- Door Furniture
- Locks
- Ferramenta

Prevention of Metal Theft

An increasingly problematic aspect associated with historic buildings and one we can help to prevent.
Whilst we will not disclose our exact methods on Keystone’s website, our bespoke system provides a serious deterrent that makes any potential theft a very unattractive prospect – we do not simply rely on tracing stolen metal; we prevent it.
Our system is completely non invasive, cost effective and will not detract from the natural surface appearance, unlike costly alarm systems and coatings. It is proving very popular and is of equal benefit to client, insurer and the police.

Please contact us for a free consultation.


From periodic cleaning and resealing, replacement of damaged and broken tiles to full re-flooring projects Keystone can undertake all aspects of these works.


Keystone Group undertakes sympathetic repairs to failed mortar joints to preserve your building’s masonry for many years to come.